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Song Lyrics

Beautiful Mistake

by J.C. Spires


Why are you calling me?’ she said

After all this time the love that we once had is surely dead.


Why can’t you ever seem to get it through your head?

What we had was a mistake. 

Everyone’s allowed a few of those to make.

I said “well maybe that’s just the way it looks to you,

but if I was to take your point of view.

Then I’d say you were the most


Wonderful, fantastic,

Beautiful Mistake I ever made.

Wonderful, fantastic, 

Beautiful Mistake I ever made.


Maybe I’m struggling, maybe I’m down.

Maybe I’m reaching for things that can never be found. 


But when I had the chance I took my two feet and I planted them on the ground, 

The ground of love, 

with the grace from up above. 

So if I should ever make it back by your way,

if I should see you again

what would I say?  You were the most


Wonderful, fantastic,

Beautiful Mistake I ever made.

Wonderful, fantastic, 

Beautiful Mistake I ever made.



Yeah, You’re Gone

by J.C. Spires


Yeah you’re gone (4x) 

Away from me

And I, I can’t even try, to dream about tomorrow.


Yeah you’re gone. Yeah you’re gone. Yeah you’re gone. 

And I miss you baby.


Anyway, anytime, you would come back. I’ll be waiting. I’ll be waiting. Never wanted to say…


Yeah you’re gone. 

Away from here.

And oh, there’s no reason why, I should carry on like this.


Yeah you’re gone. Yeah you’re gone. Yeah you’re gone.

And I miss you baby.


Anyway, anytime, you would come back. I’ll be waiting. I’ll be waiting. Never wanted to say…


Yeah you’re gone (4x) 

And I miss you baby.

I miss you



Amethyst, Emerald, and Ebony

by J.C. Spires


Beauty, and light.  Graceful, in flight.

And the mercy, that comes your way

Is more than, you can repay.


I know that, which I speak of.

It came to me,  kindness, and love.

Scoffers scoff, “it can’t be real”

While all the jewelry thieves, try to steal.


Amethyst, Emerald, and Ebony

Beautiful colors that I did see

Flying over me

Shining, Amethyst, Emerald, and Ebony


Faith and wisdom, nobility.

Patience and power, equality

Intuition, clear vision,



Amethyst, Emerald, and Ebony

With your lips caressing me

Trying to be free

Shining… Amethyst, Emerald, and Ebony

Shining… Amethyst, Emerald, and Ebony


Alone With You

by J.C. Spires


I tore down the gilded palace,  that sits up on the hill in the sun. 


Walked into the sacred temple, looking for the holy one


Woke up crawling through broken glass, I left a trail of blood, in the pure white snow. 


I found something I could believe in, and I swore that I’d never let you go


But somehow make it through… 


Just to Be Alone with You


Angels swept into the room where we lay and they, stole the thunder from the devil there.

The warm waters lifted me up
as I felt your needs, and touched your hair,

and I’d do what I had to do


Just to Be Alone With You


Now the hunter is the hunted, caught in the lands that lie between, the connection we once had, and this faithless world, that has not seen.


But I’ll prove my love is true 


Just to Be Alone With You



by J.C. Spires


Tell me baby, where have you gone?

You’ve disappeared on me again, I’ve lost track of the course you’re on


But I’ll be waiting, I cannot move

It’s just the way they built me, it’s nothing I’m trying to prove


I’m a Lighthouse, standing alone

I’m a Lighthouse, guiding you home


The seas began to churn, on the night that you were born

You had to learn, in the midst of a raging storm

Now the waves, they batter you from within

The watchman’s out on the gallery, hoping my signal guides you home again


I’m a Lighthouse, when the fog envelops your shore

I’m a Lighthouse, when the darkness is at your door


The day is breaking, for now your storms have passed

You’re resting in the harbor. While they work to repair your mast

No need for conversation, or to look each others way

Just know, I’ll always be there

When the storms come to prey



High Priestess (in reverse)

by J.C. Spires


You know she’s an artist,

when she says my canvas is going to be your life.

She paints everything scarlet,

using only a switchblade knife.


It started out as a blessing,

but it soon became a curse.

And all my confessing

was lost on the High Priestess in reverse.


High, high, high, high,

High Priestess, in reverse.



(Excerpted from the book of  Song of Songs, Chapter 8:6)


“For love is strong as death!

Passion… as cruel as the grave.

It blazes like a blazing fire.

More fierce than any flame!”


Tell me baby, would you cut a man just to watch him bleed?

She said “you’re too sensitive maybe.

I’m just taking care of my own

twisted needs”.


She was the deepest love I’ve felt. Now it’s gone from bad to worse. Yeah you’ve got to play the cards you’re dealt. And I’m holding, the High Priestess, in reverse.


Repeat chorus:

Ending Bridge:

(Excerpted from the book of  Song of Songs, Chapter 8:7)


For many waters cannot quench love, nor can any flood drown it out



Deserted Highway

by J.C. Spires


Send somebody,

down my way.

Send somebody,

send them down my way.

Cause I got lost, and I broke down

on this, Deserted Highway


Minutes turn to hours,  hours turn to days,

sun beats down with it’s burning rays.

And memories linger

Of precious things, that slipped through your fingers

Years will go by, lost in a haze


On this, 

Deserted Highway

On this …


Deserted Highway

I feel like I’m, such a long long way from home.

I know that I have a long way to go.


All the hurt

Gets buried so deep

All the secrets

They’re going to want you to keep

One thing I know, you’re gonna learn how to pray

On this…



Farewell To A Rose

by J.C. Spires


Well I tried and I tried, just to write one song.

Until I met you baby they all came out wrong.

In my life, your shadow is long. 

It’s hard to believe you could be gone. 


Why things turn out the way they do, 

Only God knows.

Farewell…to a Rose.


It’s hard to stand by somebody when they’re always on the run. 

But I knew I could count on you just like the rising sun. 

I got busy fighting battles that could never be won. 

I looked over my shoulder and you were coming undone. 


Now there’s a sadness inside me, and everyday it grows.

Farewell…to a Rose.


If you’re somewhere out there Rosie

And you think of me tonight. 

In my life know that you are a shining light. 

I look up at the sky, seeking God’s advice. 

I know that he’ll guide me, in my fight. 


Should I see you once again, it’s a hope that still glows.

Farewell…to a Rose

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