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J.C. Spires Interviewed by Derrick Chevalier, author/entrepenuer and CCN commentator on  Sunrise Morning Show

August 13, 2018 Pasadena, California

Blues Ace J.C. Spires Releases CD at the Alex Theatre

Posted by John Sollenberger | Jul 5, 2018

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“I absolutely love J.C. Spires new album ”Farewell To A Rose”. Sonically, it’s amazing... the production, arrangements and performances are incredible. The songwriting and vocals are mesmerizing. Love the way J.C. leaves space in his phrasing. Getting back to the sound... every instrument and vocal has so much warmth and clarity. The mix...incredibly musical. I’m a huge fan of his music and vision”.


Bob Wilson, drummer, songwriter and producer with such artists as Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, The Crusaders, George Benson, Boz Scaggs, Henry Mancini, and many others.



“Spires is a seriously original artist whose songs are really deep thoughts directly related to HIS experiences and the delivery is so touching and heartfelt as to be a form of religion in their devout truth and when he sings it usually has the feeling of a prayer and a blessing. He’s moved well beyond the blues format to a reverent and more soulful place.  There is a depth of spirituality, a lust for lost and losing at love, and a stark and poetic feel for delivering sentiment in the simplest words and phrases. The depth to J.C.’s voice seals that.” 

James J. Spina , Former music editor of Hit Parader Magazine


“A deeply personal style.”

John Sollenberger, Pasadena Weekly



The sound is unique, and the arrangements are very original. I like it!


Jack Sheldon, jazz trumpeter/vocalist


"There's something in this world that differentiates one person from the crowd or makes someone stand out from all the rest that I call the magic. J.C. Spires has the Magic."


Dorothea Bradley, Pasadena Media KPAS/CPAC

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