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Interview with JC Spires

Derrick Chevalier; "JC Spires is an incredible singer songwriter with a voice that will remind you of several familiar icons but then propel you into his own confluence of blues, classical, rock and r&b, he's INCREDIBLE. His story is as inspirational as his music, a protegee of John Lee Hooker, he raised two sons, struggled with his personal demons and angels and emerged with a unique perspective on life and love and courage. Listen & Share with as many as possible."

"Farewell To A Rose" Release Success! 


We are excited to  announce that J.C. Spires  official launch event for his long awaited new album: “Farewell To A Rose”

on July 11, 2018 at Glendale's historic art deco Alex Theatre was a smashing success!


J.C. wishes to thank all who attended this celebration from the bottom of his heart. It was truly a wonderful experience to be part of. There was a sweet spirit of love and shared excitement pervasive throughout and the emotion, at times was almost overwhelming.

So at long last "Farewell To A Rose" is released to the world and the future is now! Please feel free to listen to it on Spotify, youtube, or right here on You can also buy it here, on iTunes, Bandcamp, or CD Baby.


While you're here please take a moment to look around at the pages. The photo gallery is constantly being updated with many great photos by basketball hall of fame photographer Andrew D. Bernstein.

New videos are being presented through the work of John Forward.

Visit the store and check out the new Rooster logo designed by John Forward and featured on the front of the official "Farewell To A Rose" T-Shirt


Again sincerest thanks for all your support. Through the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus I pray that this is only the beginning of a long and beautiful musical journey!

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